Little Houston:  (46857)  Little Houston Is a heavy framed, moderate height, wide and deep cow with a strong Level Top Line.  She is producing wonderful calves, like Ace, and is our herd leader.

19 Years old in Pictures



"Mandy": ( 48562)  Is a Haydn and Dixie Calf.  We sold Mandy as a Calf to Young Sprout Farm in Texas and spent the next 4 years figuring out how to get her back.  We are thrilled to have her back and she is giving us BEAUTIFUL black and red calves!

Ace:   (49720)  Ace has Little Houston's good traits and a shorter, wider head and heavier Forelock inherited from her sire, "Haydn".  We were excited to get a black calf out of Haydn. Ace started Producing Beautiful calves in 2014.

Dixie: (24425) Dixie is a foundation dam because of her superior conformation traits, but even more so because she quickly and easily re-bred every year, at 19 years old had feet like a 5 year old and never had to have her hoofs trimmed or touched, Had a tight udder with small teats that her calves would latch onto minutes after birth unassisted, Calved easily never needing assistance, and Had medium  weight calves that grew well on her milk supply. Dixie consistently passed heavy bone and muscle, thick hair, beautiful short heads with wide muzzles and correct bushy forelocks, Low wide horn set, and Level Straight Top Lines showing correct skeletal structure, to her calves. Dixie earned her place at the top of our cows and it was sad to see her pass at 20 years old, after having her last calf at 19 years old.


Muirneag:  (52636)  Muirneag is an addition for us from Vintage Hill Farms.   Vintage Hill Farms is known for preserving traditional breed character, structural correctness, And Pure Scottish Genetics.  We are excited to obtain a cow that goes back to Scott of Craycombe, Bart of Benmore, Gille Buidhe of Benmore and Trina of Kiyiwana.  Muirneag is passing down her Scottish correctness, beautiful top line, wonderful feet, and perfect udder!No assistance with calving, Nursing or foot trimming for her!

Britta:  (46856)  Dixie's Daughter Britta is taking up the place her mother left.  I could repeat her all the traits her mother has and we hope she calves until she is 19+ like her mother.  Britta is the Dam of BIG RIDGE VOODOO MAGIC and Ruby and Mandy.  Britta stays fat on nothing but grass and hay, Even while Nursing a fast growing bull calf, As you can see below



Gretel:  (51521)  is a Simone x George calf. Gretel has a wonderful deep body and square frame, great feet and udder. She calved her first in 2015 easily and the calf ate unassisted within an hour and was running around all day.  Gretel birthed a breach calf easily, with no assistance, in 2017 and the calf was up eating (un assited) all 4 teats in 15 - 20 minutes.



Rose:  (48563) Rose has all the good of Myrtle and Haydn combined.  Rose is moderate size like her dam, Myrtle, and has heavy bone, super spring of rib and depth of body, an incredible short wide head with perfect forelock and low wide horns, and a Straight Level Top Line showing her correct skeletal structure.  Rose is producing BEAUTIFUL calves !

Dixie at 18+ years old, look at those Feet and Udder !!!



We have some promising Heifers we are bringing into our breeding program. Calves from the above cows are sprinkled through the other pages.  Quite a few are on the Photos Page of this web site.

Myrtle:   (34432) Myrtle is our other foundation Dam.  She turned 20 YEARS OLD  in 2017 and throws the most beautiful calves with correct conformation.  Myrtle easily has medium weight calves every breeding and her calves very quickly latch onto her small teats and tight udder.  At 19 years old Myrtle still bred easily and has the udder and feet of a 5 year old! Never has Myrtle had help calving, nursing or trimming/attention to her feet.  Myrtle's calves speak for themselves: Rose, Duncan, Hansel, Bear and Dubhlainn.  Bear placed in Peoples Choice for the on line International Highland Cattle Show.

One of our favorites since birth, Little Houston is a real asset and moves the herd up and down the mountain to different pastures when needed.  And, She will let you milk her or feel that her one day old calf is eating all 4 teats!