Big Ridge Dubh Mathan                                                                 T 2 Gorgeous George

Magic is wonderful with our calves and all the bull calves live with Magic after weaning.  Like a long time breeder told me "The best way to make a calm, respectful bull calf, is to raise him with a calm, respectful Bull".   Magic gently teaches the calves there is a power greater than they are, and that calm and quiet is good.

"MAGIC"   BIG RIdge VOODOO MAGIC    Semen Available         11/19/11  (51522)

Haydn was a gentle bull that added incredible spring of rib and depth to his calves.  As you can see in the  picture with Haydn sharing his feed with the tallest cow in our herd, Haydn was only a couple inches taller, but was twice as wide and one and a half times as deep as Flicka's 1100+ pound frame.   Haydn's Forelock, horns, Huge head, and large bone also passed on to his calves along with that wonderful Level Straight Top Line!

"Haydn"      Ridge Top Haydn's Choice                  (42523)       6/29/2002

Regardless of whether Magic is stacked like a show dog,( above at 22 mo. old, after finishing breeding our herd) or standing lazy in the pasture or grazing, He exhibits the proud traits of the Scottish Highland Cattle Standard.   Magic is a calm bull with Correct and Excellent Level and Straight top line, strong Muscular neck, Low Wide horn set, Broad short head, Bushy Forelock down to his muzzle,  And a Thick Slightly Wavy coat. Magic was a planned breeding of ours for the purpose of spreading the incredible Maternal traits of his dams line and superior maternal traits of his sire throughout our herd. We have owned 3 generations of Magic's Dam's line that have tight udders, small teats, have 50-60 pound calves unaided, and their calves nurse unassisted almost immediately.  Magic has been producing beautiful structurally correct Black and red calves for us. We Just love his calves! 

Other sires used

MAGIC Calves   (below)

Haydn Calves     (below)